I made it!

Datum: 2011-07-26 | KL: 09:43:00
Good morning sunshines, well, I'm probably not awake now since I've been up all night trying to make my computer to accept my camera. I feel like a nerd, got my glasses on and I'm typing all these codes in the terminal (or w/e it's called) to install things. But now I'm done and it works, kind of. I managed to get two pictures anyways.

* This is outside my front door. My beloved garden, hihi.

* It's easy to love.

I love the summer and I hate that it's almost over. But the autumn is nice too.. A bit colder but It's okay. Well, today I'm visiting my grandmother on mainland so I might not wright anything more today but I'm sure there will be some pictures tomorrow.

Take care!
Love, Lily.

Postat av: Madde / Mamma och blivande fröken

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2011-07-29 @ 13:11:43
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